Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wonders of Prostitution

So what’s next? I’m a teary mess post massage. The damn thing not only helps a soul from physical pains, it also often purges toxic emotions. So I’m a teary mess. And this is with a tranquilizer. (Yeah, let’s fuck around with my medication now to resuscitate my sex drive. Not a chance.) If I insisted on making changes to my medications now, I’d being a fully-functioning woman except for one teensy, piddling fact also I’d be a corpse. But boy, could I get it on! (If I could.)

I’m teary under the skin. I need some honest out and out sobbing. I think I have what to release, but I can’t imagine how awful it will be the day subconscious me decides to go for it. Yes, I know that massage is a perfect tool to make this happen. I just feel so damned sad. I hate sad. I don’t do well with sad. I get morose. Morose is bad.

I suppose all tearyness, sadness and such means is that I may be ready to handle the truth. (“You can’t handle the truth!”) I look at the photo of the girl (really the middle-aged lady) on this blog, and I don’t recognize her anymore. (Chip took the shot fall 2006. I was 44. Sounds middle-aged to me.) I have an idea what I’m not anymore, but I’m really clueless as to what I am. Anyone? Scared, miserable (to live in, to be with). Sounds about right.

I can’t even dream of a healthy desirable me. Aprés massage, I crashed on the couch as is my wont post-massage. Ninety minutes of being beaten up, I think I deserve it. During one of those moments when you’re not quite asleep and not quite awake, I dreamt I was being sexually molested. In a public restroom no less. The molester was some anonymous white guy, middle-aged, and wearing a suit. He derived pleasure by sticking his hands into his victim’s underwear. The horror of the “twilight sleep” dream is that I liked it. And looked him up for more of the same. Now, we’ve all had sick sex dreams…and if you don’t fess up to it, you’re kidding yourself. But I thought this a pretty sick one given my current state of mind. I don’t think I could dream about being desirable anymore unless it’s somehow twisted and demented.

As I lay one the couch in my half sleep, I recalled a movie I saw umpteen years ago. A Russian woman and her son fly to the U.K. where her fiancé supposedly waits. He isn’t, and she’s stuck in immigration limbo. In some self-contained little town, and no way out. An British “entrepreneur” asks her if she wants to do some porn for the web. She’ll be paid handsomely for it. She’s desperate for money. (As are his other actresses in immigration hell.) She agrees. The entrepreneur has her dressed like a little girl, and I guess she’s supposed to do lurid things in front of the Web cam. Instead, she just bursts into tears and is unable to stop crying. I guess after a bit more of this, she is removed from the stage.

Weeks later the entrepreneur tells her he’s been looking for her for weeks on end. His phone calls, his emails have skyrocketed. Money poured in. “Where’s the crying girl?” She didn’t have to take off a damn bit of clothing. She just had to sit on the bed and cry, and the crowd called out for more. Bless the entrepreneur. He gave her a fat wad of money, “You earned it.” And told her to find him if she ever changes her mind and chooses to resume her acting career. (She didn’t.) As I lay on the couch half conscious I thought, “Hey, I can do that. There must be scads of weird men out their who would be more than happy to jack off to a woman hooked up to machines with a mess of tubes. During my light dozing, this seemed to me to be sensible and perhaps even lucrative to boot. And I’d know I’d be turning some people on just as I am. Not as I was. That’s the crux of the whole problem. I need to be desired as I am now. Period. Anything else just doesn’t cut it.

As I’ve mentioned more than once, for the most part (I can’t really speak for all), tubing isn’t sexy. A cousin of mine said that he used to take a relative who suffered from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (the actual disease, not the one from uber-concussions) to a brothel, because that’s the only way he was ever going to get laid. I thought that very sad, but also very resourceful.

I still think that the people I speak to most about my crapass health (besides my poor Chip who hears everything. What an incredible man for every reason you can imagine) are the people I pay to spend time with me. My fantastic therapist around whom the earth orbits, Tamar: the best P.T. on the planet, Laurie my darling and wonderful chiropractor. I love them, and I think they me. Tamar, the best P.T. on the planet, are on our way there. In an odd way, on my side, it’s not a far cry from prostitution. I’m the john. Get it however you can. Even if you have to pay for it. “It,” in this case, is a friendly face, fantastic advice with a pair of ears trained on you. And there is no guilt involved, because it is, bottom line, a transaction. (Ooh, this is getting funky, but I’m on to something.)

By jove, I think I just had a tiny epiphany sitting here at 3:20 a.m. Maybe they’re (my fantastic therapist, Tamar: the best P.T. on the planet, and my wonderful chiropractor) who I need to focus on during my moments of doubt regarding my usefulness on this planet. And my right to take up space on it. Sure I pay them to care for me. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t made real, honest-to-god human connections. Granted, I’ve been wrong about this kind of relationship in the past. (Pay to play.) The over-the-top magazine reps who are always ecstatic to see you, hang on to your every word, and then drop you like a hot potato when you switch accounts. And a couple of them I actually thought had become friends. Oops. But I think I can recognize love when I feel it. (My god, I most certainly don’t feel that way about any of my doctors.)

Let me continue to love them back for all they give me.

And boys and girls, how the hell can I let Chip down? My husband. The man who kept me alive as I teetering on the edge in the ICU. And has given me more loving care than I deserve for all the hell I put him through How can I fail him?

Love the man who loves me more than anything in the world. The man I was smart enough to marry. Just love him.

Perhaps if I follow my advice, I can avoid seeking out sexual molestation in public restrooms or becoming a worker ant in the Web cam porn industry.

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