Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cat Time

Yesterday I wrote that it was of great import to address the issue of my attendance or lack thereof at the Paul D. Schreiber High School Thirtieth Reunion. Well, I did that. (Kindly addressed, check.) But I said I needed to do it before getting down to business. As you may have noticed, I never got down to business. What was I talking about? What the hell is business for me anyway? Not a clue. But I do know it had nothing to do with discussing Paul D. Schreiber High School.

Yesterday's post made me weepy. For my long-lost friends. My god, did they mean everything to me! What am I talking about? They never stopped. They still mean everything to me. Even if they no longer exist. Uh huh. So what?

I remember thinking back in the day how they could be nothing less than friends for life. We just worked like a well-oiled machine. We were born to be together. The parts just fit too well. The machine (which made nothing at all) was perfect. And perfect in its uselessness. When did friendship ever need to be useful? I think that's called networking. I call it obscene.

My darling Karen, you are so precious to me you don't know. I don't call, because I think it might make you go places you're not ready to go or have and do, but it's not to be shared. I read each and every one of your posts. I don't comment or try to give you advice. because I have none to give. I don't know shit. I have nothing to offer but my love for you (forever and ever and ever).

I thank Penn for admitting four outrageously wonderful people for whom the term BFF fits like designer dress on a mannequin. (Thank you Penn.) And now there's Rich. I didn't know him well then. I know I missed out on that big time. So we're making up for lost time (at least I hope so) as he edits Since When. I agree with every one of his suggestions. Does this prove that I am an idiot? Or lazy? I could, in fact be both of these but not when it comes to Since When. I think my love of Rich's POV so madly means we grok each other. If that's so, I bet we grok on a whole mess of other things. That's exciting.

And Bob, that frightfully bright boy, who's holding back on me. Dude, I don't bite. And I'm a gimp to boot. So worry not, you man of oh so many responsibilities.

When in the world did "getting down to business" mean writing an encomium to my friends, old and new? I tell you, let me off my leash, and I'll go anywhere. I must be watched like a hawk at all times...come back to us baby, don't go there, honeybunch...

My business is Since When. (Rich, sweetie, I didn't get the attachment for 91-115. I don't ever want you to think that I'm sitting on something you've worked hard to get out. I know you have lots of clients. I also know you have a life. I would never do that! I promise!) I am now a thread in Since When. (Thank you, Rich.) This requires rewrites and lots of mulling. I like to mull about Since When. I like the rewriting and the re-editing. I love the criticism. (Weirdo.)

I've got plenty to occupy my time which isn't remotely similar to your time unless you're a cat. (A piece Fran info worth repeating.) I haven't gotten used to this yet, and I grouse that I'm never productive. But I guess I am. At least sometimes. But only on cat time.


  1. Thanks, Fran - I read all your posts too. Don't worry about not calling - I don't talk on the phone if I can help it, haven't wanted to since Jerry was diagnosed, and even before, but definitely since. Don't have the energy - in writing I can say what I want, avoid what I can't.

    Love you. And that husband of yours too. Miss you both.

  2. Good morning, Fran!

    Sorry haven't sent you new pages in the last few days. Some tight deadlines reared their heads, and I'm trying to get past them so I can turn my attention back to you, which, believe me, is much more enjoyable. I do want to make much more progress soon. I will re-send 91-115, though. At least that will keep you occupied while you wait. Although it sounds like you are keeping busy with other revisions!

    I think about Penn, too. So right: we didn't know each other well. I have only fond memories of you, though, and what fun it was to see you and Sharon, Audrey, and Lisa interact. So glad we are back in touch (thanks, Facebook) and collaborating, which I'm enjoying.

    Til later,

  3. Hi Fran. I read your recent posts with interest. I'm sorry that my sister is one of the non-communicative friends from HS you mention. She's just a very complicated person....

    Karen, I am so sorry about your husband's diagnosis....

    Kate F

  4. Btw, I don't have a google account, so my post appears under my husband's name (Richard Whitney). Oops, I didn't actually realize it would work that way, as I've never blogged before. :) Kate